This is being written during the unbearable July 2014 Israeli military operation in the Gaza strip. My aim is not to declaim against the tragedies of the campaign; others can do a much better job. No, I write so that when I die I shall not have the shame of never even having raised my voice against this injustice. This is no fight of equals, neither in terms of responsibility nor of strength. The Gazans have been left to rot in their ghetto, created by the Israelis, for more than half a century. The superbly equipped Israeli army is now shooting fish in a barrel. Gaza is one of the most densely populated regions on Earth – the average distance between people is 15 metres and more than half of the population are children. The Israelis cannot miss.

Will it ever end? There are more than 1.8 million people in Gaza. Israel have killed about 1000 during this operation. Between campaigns, Israel gives Gazans no choice but brutal, impoverished and humiliating imprisonment. Never will that lead to peace or security. Israel has consistently sabotaged a two-state solution. A glance at the Palestinian-controlled regions of the West Bank shows just how dead that idea now is.

I see only one possible solution in my lifetime: Israel and the Occupied Territories must join the European Union. Only as part of a larger, prosperous and secular community can the festering moral corruption of this conflict be ended.

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