Donnez-nous des CDD précaires !

J’ai récemment critiqué la nouvelle interprétation de la règle limitant l’emploi sur CDD dans la fonction publique à six ans. Ci-dessous j’illustre les effets pervers de cette règle avec le récit d’un post-doctorant coincé entre la pénurie de postes et cette règle. Il s’agit d’un étranger ayant travaillé dans le privé. A cause de son âge, il devait postuler pour des postes CR1. Il a été classé premier sur liste complémentaire lors de sa première présentation, plutôt un bon résultat. Mais l’année suivante il n’y avait pas de poste CR1 dans sa commission. Et il n’y aura pas d’année après à cause de la règle des six ans.

I recently criticised the new legal interpretation limiting temporary employment in the French Civil Service to 6 years. Below, I illustrate the unpleasant effects the rule has, with the account of a post-doc who has been caught between the lack of jobs and the 6 year rule. He came from abroad after working in the financial industry. Because of his age, he had to apply for the rarer CR1 CNRS positions. At his first attempt, he achieved a very creditable runner-up ranking. But the following year there were no CR1 positions in the appropriate commission and he will now be disqualified from continuing in research by the six year rule.

I graduated in theoretical particle physics in October 2000. After my thesis I was not motivated to pursue a university career in theoretical physics. Instead, I was recruited by young start-up company that had the ambitious aim to develop a universal Java based software platform to run business applications on various upcoming mobile devices. Between January 2001 and April 2002 I worked as a Software Designer and Consultant, responsible for the development and implementation of the security layout. The company was financed by joint-venture capital, and because the financial support was drastically reduced after the 11th September 2001, this quickly lead to bankruptcy.

Between July 2002 and September 2005 I worked as an analyst in the data-mining department of the Allianz insurance. There I worked together with mathematicians and statisticians in a small research unit developing statistical models and computer tools to analyze, rate and predict customer behavior.

During this time I had frequent discussion with a former study colleague that did his Postdoc in computational biology. I was introduced to his research in molecular and cellular biology, an interdisciplinary field that started to fascinate me. I realized that my formation as a physicist together with the additional skills that I acquired during my work experience provided a good foundation to tackle challenging problems in molecular biology. I successfully applied for a postdoctoral position and started my own research end of the year 2005. During my postdoctoral work, I am investigating fundamental questions in cellular biology starting from a molecular level using mathematical methods from chemical and statistical physics together with computer simulations.

In 2010 I first applied for a CR1 position at CNRS. I was classified second in the interdisciplinary section 43, however, there was only one position available.

In the following year 2011 no CR1 positions were offered in section 43, and for a CR2 position I was not considered. I applied at INSERM, and passed the preselection for a CR1 position, but I did not get the position.

I would like to continue my research and apply the last time for a CR1 position in 2012. Unfortunately, although there is money available to support me, my contract cannot be prolonged because of the CDI problem.

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